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In this episode we discuss possessions. Possessions, we all have them. But do we need them? And, why do we have them?

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In this Podcast Baz and Keith discuss thoughts. The impact of positive thinking on our mind and body is massive. The impact of negative thinking on our mind and body is massive.

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In this episode we discuss money and just how important it is. Money gives you freedom and the opportunity to help others.

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In this, our second episode, we speak about time and how to use it effectively. It's more about self management than time management as there is only 24 hours in ne day.

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The Inner Battle's debut podcast. It was a real mission but we finally achieved it. This podcast is about serving. Serving our selves and also serving others and how the two are massively linked.

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About The Inner Battle

The Inner Battle is here to deliver powerful training to people of all walks of life and of every age. Our products have been developed to help people of any age, and ability reach their full potential by becoming physically strong and mentally dominant.

We are committed to self development. We will help you to build mountains of confidence and offer much in the way of help, advice, and teaching in the area of self development.


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